ILAB 130: Family Offices – Lifestyle Strategies of the Super Rich with Richard Wilson

“It’s not just you work hard and you become ultra-wealthy”

Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson is the CEO of Centimillionaire Advisors, LLC, a company providing performance-based family office solutions for $100M+ net worth families. He is also the founder and head of Family Office Club, the largest community of registered family offices globally with over 1,750 private investor members.

During the episode, Richard brings us into the world of the super rich with over $100M net worth. After working for them for several years, he has learned several strategies on how they accumulate their wealth. He explains how the ultra-wealthy manage their assets and lifestyles, how they aspire for growth, and what common mistakes they make.

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ILAB 130 Show Notes

Where we are:
• Johnny FD – Mexico
• Sam Marks – North Carolina



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Time Stamps:
• 7:05 – What is a family office?
• 7:24 – “The richer you are, the busier you are” – Richard Wilson
• 8:04 – Why do the ultra-wealthy need a family office?
• 8:35 – How much worth are people with family office?
• 12:06 – Managing assets and lifestyle of the ultra-wealthy
• 14:46 – Building a team for the family office
• 16:19 – Financial planning for investments
• 18:26 – Outsourcing of $50M vs. $100M net worth families
• 21:03 – Who are the Centimillionaires?
• 23:41 – What he learned while working in a family office for years
• 27:02 – Do the ultra-wealthy still desire for growth?
• 31:55 – Important notes in wealth generation
• 32:20 – “It’s not just you work hard and you become ultra-wealthy” – Richard Wilson
• 33:33 – Maintaining assets of rich people
• 34:51 – Common mistakes of the ultra-wealthy
• 35:39 – “Some reasonable plan can help keep things in check” – Richard Wilson
• 36:08 – What to expect from Family Office Club?

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