ILAB 116 – Bob Sapp – MMA, Entertainment, and Financial Planning for Athletes

“They can pay to see you get knocked out or they can pay to see you win”

– Bob Sapp

Bob “The Beast” Sapp is an international MMA megastar, professional wrestler, actor, and former NFL player, WWE professional wrestler, and world champion kickboxer. He mostly fought in Japan where he has appeared in numerous commercials, television programs, and various other media.

He remains the most- merchandised, most-adored, and most-watched fighter in the history of the sport with 54 million Japanese who watched him bully Akebono in 2003.

During this episode, Bob will share how his transition from a fighter to an entertainer has given him long term success. Expect to learn about his personal portfolio including his plans for retirement and future investments. Find out how Bob will add a key element to the MMA industry in Thailand.

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ILAB 116 Show Notes


Where we are:

  • Sam Marks – Tampa, Florida
  • Johnny FD – Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Bob Sapp – Washington State, USA


Time Stamps:

  • 03:04 – Watching Bob Sapp as a kid
  • 08:44 – Bob’s background and introduction
  • 11:59 – Transitioning from a fighter to an entertainer
  • 17:43 – Traveling to nearly 200 countries & location arbitrage
  • 23:07 – Investing philosophy to practice as athletes & entertainers
  • 23:53 – “Do your best to no longer be using loans or credit cards” – @BobSappMMA
  • 25:14 – Buying a house with cash in any country
  • 28:03 – Planning for retirement and future
  • 36:12 – The difference between a real fighter and entertainer
  • 38:01 – “They can pay to see you get knocked out or they can pay to see you win” – @BobSappMMA
  • 42:57 – Finding your niche and Promoting your brand  
  • 51:06 – Fight recap and match highlights
  • 54:38 – Johnny’s key takeaway from this episode

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