ILAB 115 – 2019 Financial Resolutions, Life Plans and Updates

“This has been the worst performing quarters since we started the podcast”

– Johnny FD

Sam Marks and Johnny FD are here to talk about their 2019 financial resolutions, life plans and investment updates. Although this may have been their worst performing quarter since they started the podcast there were many other gains.

During this episode, you’ll hear an update on Sam and Johnny’s investment accounts such including Vanguard, Wealthfront, PeerStreet, Fundrise, and Forex. Learn a few simple but effective tips for new investors and how Sam and Johnny plan to grow their own bank accounts. Find out how much money is enough to live the life you want!

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ILAB 115 Show Notes


Where we are:

  • Sam Marks & Johnny FD: Chiang Mai, Thailand



  • ArtofFX – Start with just a $10,000 account (reduced from $25,000)
  • Fundrise – Start with only $1,000 into their REIT funds (non-accredited investors OK)
  • Betterment – Get up to 1 year managed free
  • PeerStreet – Get a 1% yield bump on your first loan
  • Wealthfront – get your first $15,000 managed free


Time Stamps:

  • 03:47 – The life of Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • 08:40 – Setting new year resolutions and travel plans
  • 14:08 – “I have this superficial goal of getting to 100 countries” – Sam Marks
  • 17:07 – The Spanish Non-Lucrative Residence Visa
  • 23:12 – Quarterly update on our investments
  • 23:15 – “This has been the worst performing quarters since we started the podcast” – Johnny FD
  • 27:46 – Vanguard vs Wealthfront
  • 31:06 – Basic startup tips for new investors
  • 33:07 – Cash, PeerStreet, Fundrise, Forex wins in the downmarket
  • 39:20 – New investment update from last quarter
  • 47:33 – Invest Like a Boss live conference and meetups
  • 54:59 – Johnny’s plan to reach a millionaire dollar net worth
  • 56:51 – Sam explains the up and downs of startups
  • 01:10:30 – How much money is enough to live the life you want

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