ILAB 114 – Opportunity Zones – Dissecting the Opportunity in O Zones, with Eddie Lorin

“The ultimate impact investment is low income housing”

– Eddie Lorin

Eddie Lorin is the founder of Founder of Alliant Strategic Preservation Funds, an integrated owner / operator of affordable and workforce housing across the U.S. They sponsor a variety of residential real estate equity funds focused on economically distressed communities.

If you’re planning to realize a sizeable capital gain in the near future, the time is right to learn about opportunity funds so you can make an informed investment decision.

During this episode, Eddie will share how your investment in Opportunity Zones have the potential to pull millions of Americans out of poverty and generate both financial and social returns for investors. Find out what exactly O Zones are and ways to put yourself in a position to understand this business in order to successfully invest yourself. Listen towards the end to hear Sam Marks and Johnny FD discuss a potential downside to O Zones.

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ILAB 114 Show Notes


Where we are:

  • Sam Marks – Gold Coast Australia
  • Johnny FD – Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Eddie Lorin – California


  • ArtofFX – Start with just a $10,000 account (reduced from $25,000)
  • Fundrise – Start with only $1,000 into their REIT funds (non-accredited investors OK)
  • Betterment – Get up to 1 year managed free
  • PeerStreet – Get a 1% yield bump on your first loan


Time Stamps:

  • 06:47 – An introduction: Three components to O Zones
  • 07:42 – “Three states in the country actually got 80% got all the venture capital in the last 50 years” – Eddie Lorin
  • 11:00 – What happens on the rental income after acquiring a low income unit?
  • 15:06 – The 100% basis rule and housing crisis explained
  • 24:56 – “We should revitalize every single census tract” – Eddie Lorin
  • 30:58 – How to invest into an opportunity zone funds
  • 33:29 – “The ultimate impact investment is low income housing” – Eddie Lorin
  • 34:01 – Ways to be smarter than the average person
  • 36:01 – Learning to manage your own property and lend money
  • 41:38 – Viewing the inneractive opportunity zone layout map
  • 44:57 – Is the only downside to O Zones gentrification?
  • 49:00 – The Fundrise Opportunity Fund breakdown

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