ILAB 113 – Mortgage Servicing, How it Works, and AHP’s New $50m Fund – DeAnn Donovan

“Somebody can get started and make an investment with as little as $100”

DeAnn Donovan

DeAnn Donovan is the President & CEO of AHP Servicing which uses crowdsourced funds to purchase past due loans at a discount. As an investor, benefits include earning a competitive return of up to 10%, monthly dividends, and best efforts liquidity. Additionally, funds are open to both accredited and non-accredited investors.

When you invest with AHP Servicing, you are rebuilding communities, keeping borrowers in their homes, and inspiring hope for those who need it the most.

During this episode, DeAnn explains what mortgage servicing is, how it works, and how you can generate passive income through monthly distributions. Also learn about how AHP is protecting investors, borrowers, and proprietary information and see if you agreed that this investment would be durable even in a down market.

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ILAB 113 Show Notes


Where we are:

  • Sam Marks & Johnny FD – Thailand
  • DeAnn Donovan – Chicago, Illinois


Time Stamps:

  • 04:04 – Fund highlights
  • 04:26 – “Somebody can get started and make an investment with as little as $100” – DeAnn Donovan
  • 05:10 – The history before AHP and track record payouts
  • 06:54 – Passive income and monthly payouts
  • 08:10 – Core functions of mortgage servicing  
  • 09:58 – Selling discounted and nonperforming notes
  • 13:22 – Acquiring and vetting notes
  • 15:01 – Balancing execution and socially responsible
  • 16:00 – Are we looking at a recession in the new few years?
  • 18:10 – How relationships shift the business towards success
  • 19:37 – Liquidity and protecting investors and borrowers
  • 22:55 – Reinvesting and online investor portal
  • 25:24 – Sam and Johnny’s investments with AHP
  • 31:03 – First ILAB Meetup with guest speakers and listeners!!!

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