ILAB 110 – How Anyone Can Beat the Market with Mad Hedge Fund Trader John Thomas

“People are about to have a harsh awakening on the passive investing front”

John Thomas


John Thomas is one of the founding fathers of the modern hedge fund industry. He broadens the public understanding of the techniques and strategies employed by the most successful hedge funds so that they may more profitably manage their own money.

In his free time, John climbs mountains, does long distance backpacking, practices karate, performs aerobatics in antique aircraft, collects vintage wines, reads the Japanese classics, and engages in a wide variety of public service and philanthropic activities.

During this episode, John will share some of the investing principles that he’s used to yielding him up to 35% returns. Learn about the trade alerts, his favorite platforms to use, and how traveling the world has only improved his success. Expect to hear about his thoughts on passive verse active investing. After hearing this you might want to adjust your strategy.

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ILAB 110 Show Notes




  • ArtofFX – Start with just a $10,000 account (reduced from $25,000)
  • Fundrise – Start with only $1,000 into their REIT funds (non-accredited investors OK)
  • Betterment – Get up to 1 year managed free
  • PeerStreet – Get a 1% yield bump on your first loan

Where We Are:

  • Johnny FD – Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Sam Marks – Ko Samui, Thailand
  • John Thomas – San Francisco, California




Time Stamps

  • 00:39 – Monsoon season in southern Thailand
  • 07:08 – First investment Johns ever made in his life
  • 08:34 – Common errors and mistakes
  • 10:49 – Making 30-40x your investment
  • 11:47 – “Every year we get one guy… who brings in 1000% return” – @MadHedgFndTradr
  • 12:36 – Following the trade alerts with little experience
  • 18:28 – Favorite trading platforms
  • 19:04 – Tricks, tips, and market trends
  • 21:48 – Passive vs active investing
  • 22:35 – “People are about to have a harsh awakening on the passive investing front” – @MadHedgFndTradr
  • 22:50 – General investing principals to live by
  • 23:48 – Traveling the world for success
  • 33:16 – Compounding 35% interest over 8 years
  • 36:15 – Passive vs active investing


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