ILAB 11 – Advice for 17-24 Year Olds on Money, College, Credit and Finances



In this episode we provide key solutions from leveraging debt and how to use credit, owning stock, real estate, the purpose of college, the benefit of traveling and most importantly why you should start your very own business. We also discuss the importance of experience and how using an internship and mentor can allow you to learn and network properly to more effectively invest and launch a successful business for yourself today.

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Johnny FD – Berlin Germany
Sam -Singapore


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Kevin shee REITS  – ILAB 07
Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad & Cashflow Quadrant 
MJ DeMarco – Millionaire Fast Lane
George S. Clason – Richest Man in Babylon
Tony Robbins – Master Money the Game

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$25 Amazon Gift Card Contest

Time Stamp – Topic:

01:00 – Learning financial mistakes from our parents
05:55 – Opening a bank secure credit card at 17
10:30 – Leveraging debt and credit usage
15:18 – Introduction to money and income
17:45 – Tips on investing in real estate
21:50 – Learning expense reports and P&L management
26:00 – Tony Robbins Master the Game review
29:10 – Biggest first investment mistakes
31:50 – Owning Disney stock
36:00 – How we would reinvest $10k at 17 years old
38:00 – Investing in yourself is the greatest investment
43:00 – The value of college internships & mentors
53:00 – Getting arrested 4 times in college
57:50 – Why should you start your business today
1:03:00 – Traveling the world with a purpose
1:06:00 – Earn an income while living your passion

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