ILAB 103 – After the Big Exit – Investing Philosophy and Life Optimization with David Hauser

“One of the things that the exit has provided me was a little bit freedom to spend time for myself.”

David Hauser

David Hauser is an entrepreneur and a speaker based in Las Vegas. He is the founder of Grasshopper, Chargify, and Angel Investor. Grasshopper is a virtual phone system company which was sold to Citrix for almost $175M. His passion in the business industry has led him to build more startups. This successful exit has led him to realize what he really cares about – and that is to inspire others.

On this episode, David shares his journey after selling the company that he built and managed for over 12 years. He reveals the emotional struggle he went through after his big exit and what he did with his money after that. David gives his perspective on what financial freedom means. He also shares his investment strategies including the investment platforms he ventured in. This conversation gives you several tips and advice on how to manage and grow your wealth.

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ILAB 103 Show Notes



Where we are:

  • Johnny – San Francisco, California
  • Sam – Tampa, Florida
  • David – Las Vegas



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Time Stamps:

  • 08:48 – The creation of
  • 10:33 – His passion in becoming an entrepreneur
  • 11:04 – Where and when did they build the company?
  • 12:35 – The Company’s growth after the exit
  • 13:25 – What came after the big exit?
  • 16:44 – Diversifying his wealth and assets
  • 20:40 – His strategy for managing his assets
  • 23:31 – The value of investment advisors
  • 26:50 – What is financial freedom for him?
  • 29:05 – His engagements after the exit
  • 30:58 – His new book
  • 31:49 – The secret behind his productivity
  • 33:46 – Life optimization
  • 37:20 – His advice to help increase productivity


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