ILAB 101 – ICOs 101, Inside an Initial Coin Offering with Marshall Taplits

“The important thing is, you have to understand how the technology works.”

Marshall Taplits

Marshall Taplits is the co-founder and chief strategy officer at NYNJA, a company building global operating system for the future of work. NYNJA Group is creating the first international mobile communications app with an on-demand marketplace and its own cryptocurrency ecosystem. Marshall began his career in software quality assurance 18 years ago and has acquired vast knowledge and expertise on online trends and developments including the popular Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

On this episode, Marshall explains the fundamentals of ICOs and its impact on the present generation. Since we have reached the era of the internet, much digital advancement has been introduced. As an expert in ICOs, Marshall educates us on what an ICO is and what benefits we get out it. This is an enlightening conversation about coin ownership, launching ICOs, and ICO investing.

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ILAB 101 Show Notes


Where we are:

Johnny – Ukraine

Sam – Santiago

Marshall – China





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Time Stamps:

11:11 – What is his definition of an ICO?

12:00 – Big ICOs including Bitcoin and Ethereum

15:04 – Benefits in using Ethereum when launching an ICO

17:05 – How an ICO launch works?

18:07 – Qualifications for issuing an ICO

20:18 – Difference between a token and a coin

21:14 – Accessing the new coin

24:12 – Selling or trading coins

28:26 – Value of coin owners in the company

31:06 – What makes a successful ICO?

34:46 – Developing new coins that he is excited about

38:20 – Standard road map in funding ICOs

45:03 – How Ninja started and what they do

47:32 – Ninja coin

48:01 – What are they building at Ninja?

54:02 – The process of investing in ICOs


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