ILAB 04 – Stan’s Brutally Honest Factual Expertise About Annuities

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“Im known as the walking middle finger of annuity truth out here”

 Stan Haithcock 

Stan The Annuity Man, a.k.a. Stan Haithcock, is a nationally recognized expert on annuities known for his transparency, honesty, and endless research. He started out trading millions at the World Trade Center and now 100% of his portfolio is invested in his unique approach to annuities.

In this episode we talk about the low risk options for long term investors that want to know their income stream 20 years from now. We also talk about fixed interest, stock market risks and what you should know before investing your money with other agent companies.

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ILAB 04 Show Notes

Stan’s Website – Stan The Annuity Man

Stan’s Contact info –

Time Stamp Topic
(00:01:00) Worked at World Trade Center
(00:02:00) #1 Annuity Agent in the U.S.
(00:02:19) Contractual Guarantee’s
(00:03:40) Roman History
(00:04:08) P.I.L.L Categories
(00:05:50) Life Insurance
(00:09:23) Fixed Index
(00:13:43) Interest Rates
(00:17:45) Downside Risk Protection
(00:22:00) Texas Creditor Protection
(00:24:00) Lifetime Income Stream
(00:25:00) FDIC Insurance Limit
(00:27:58) Flash Boys Michael Lewis
(00:32:00) Park your Money
(00:34:00) Annuity Risks
(00:37:20) Department of Labor : Fiduciary
(00:38:00) IRS: 1035 Transfer
(00:39:00) Fixed Interest
(00:40:50) Social Security / Pension
(00:42:40) Stock Market

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