300: Celebrating 300 Episodes & Quarterly Update Q2 2024


We made it to 300 episodes! Sam, Johnny & Derek are all on board for this special episode looking back at 300 episodes and 8 years of Invest Like a Boss. The guys answer listener questions, remininisce on past guests, and discuss the state of the show. This is the public portion of the episode, if you’d like the full version (with video)… you must be an ILAB Patreon member. In the Patreon portion, all 3 hosts also disclose financials and share screenshots of their personal accounts plus what money moves they are making. Here’s to 300 more!






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    Time Stamp:

        • 00:26 – Sam, Johnny & Derek Intro
        • 07:54 – Listener Questions Begin
        • 13:02 – Why Sam Chose Barcelona to Live
        • 28:30 – ILAB Guest Hall of Fame & Shame
        • 39:31 – Lessons We’ve Learned from Doing ILAB
        • 46:10 – How We’d Each Spend $1 Billion


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