290: Generate Higher Passive Returns Selling Shareholder Voting Rights


We dig into a new platform called Shareholder Vote Exchange (SVE) to unlock value in proxies you are issued for each individual stock you own. As far as we know, SVE is the first of its kind to take on this concept at scale, and this could be an easy passive way to earn extra returns on assets you already own! Derek interviews SVE Founder & CEO Preston Yadegar to find out how it all works and how the company can convert your unused votes into additional revenue. Then Sam and Derek convene on the concept and potential of this, plus throw in a little talk about wine as well (of course!).


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Time Stamp:

    • 00:20 – Sam/Derek Intro
    • 10:17 – Interview with Preston Begins
    • 17:35 – Can You Buy Your Way Onto a Corporate Board?
    • 25:38 – How the SVE Platform Works
    • 40:08 – Sam/Derek Thoughts on SVE & Voting Rights


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