281: Black Hops CEO Nathan Hyde Talks Australian Beer Business


Derek goes live on location in Australia to interview Black Hops Brewery CEO Nathan Hyde on the challenges of the Australian beer industry. ILAB Bosses may remember that Sam Marks was an early investor in Black Hops (ILAB Episode 06: Invest in Yourself and Startup an Award Winning Brewery) and the company has faced some financial issues as of late. Nathan was brought in earlier this year to help them turn around. Derek and Nathan talk Australian government interference, getting Gen Z into beer, drinking culture and expansion into new markets. Then Sam and Derek give their thoughts on the Australian beer scene and what they think of the current state of Black Hops.







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    Time Stamp:

          • 02:34 – Sam & Derek Intro/Catchup
          • 10:06 – Interview with Nathan Hyde Begins
          • 29:40 – Why Nathan Was Brought in as CEO
          • 52:12 – Derek and Sam Recap Australia and Take on Black Hops

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