276: Timeshares 101 – How to Exit This Bad Travel Investment


Johnny and Derek sit down for a 101 episode on a terrible investment – the Vacation Timeshare! Many people, especially in America, get suckered into these seemingly great vacation getaway deals only to find out they are much less glamorous than was pitched to them in their sales presentations. Besides the initial high fee to get in on these timeshares, they annual fees and restrictions really start to make you regret buying in. On top of that, when you want to get out, it’s not easy to do! We go over everything in this episode from why timeshares are a bad to how to get out of one if you find yourself stuck.






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    Time Stamp:

            • 05:59 – How Johnny Sold Timeshares
            • 12:40 – Different Types of Timeshares
            • 24:52 – Johnny’s Family Member Bought a Timeshare
            • 38:24 – How to Exit Your Timeshare

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