275: How to Maximize Your Savings Rate


U.S. savings account interest rates are at decades long highs, so Sam and Johnny hop in on this 101 episode to help you find ways to maximize your savings rate of return. The guys go over High Yield Savings Accounts (HYSAs), treasury bonds, annuities, money market accounts & more creative ways to get those extra percentage points. They’ll also discuss how much savings you should be holding in case of emergencies. They’ll also go beyond the United States to help out with some options for our overseas listeners as well. Share this episode with your friends, you’d be surprised how many people do not having any or very little savings!






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    Time Stamp:

            • 10:22 – Savings Best Practices
            • 18:54 – Where to Put Your Savings
            • 27:46 – US Treasury Bonds
            • 32:45 – HYSA vs. Bonds
            • 38:07 – Annuities

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