272: Two Year Status Update on Citizenship By Investment


It’s been two years since Sam (Spain) & Johnny (Ukraine) embarked on their citizenship by investment journies. Find out where they each stand with respect to what they had to go through to qualify, get residency, and what their next options are. They’ll go over hidden filing expenses, ongoing costs, and unexpected things that came up along the way that the citizenship sites don’t tell. The guys will also go over why the programs they chose may not have been the best options for their particular situation and what some alternative countries’ programs are like.





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          • 04:00 – Why They Chose Spain & Ukraine
          • 11:00 – Additional Fees To Get Residency
          • 31:04 – Path to Citizenship
          • 30:32 – Why You Can Make Way More From Sober Living
          • 39:54 – Top 10 Residency Programs by Country

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