271: Pace Morby on Buying Real Estate & Building Wealth Without Cash


Star of A&E’s “Triple Digit Flip” and expert on creative real estate financing Pace Morby joins the show. Derek interviews him on his new book, Wealth Without Cash, and all the types of ways that Pace has been able to accumulate thousands of pieces of property with little or no money down. Johnny and Derek round it out with their own experiences on house flipping, creative financing and what they think about the TV show.

About Pace Morby: 

Pace Morby is known as the go-to “sub to guy” bringing creative strategies to the mainstream real estate investment industry such as subject to and seller finance deals. Pace’s high energy and no BS approach has attracted a loyal following across social media. Though he began his real estate journey as a general contractor running a successful business and then as a HomeVestors franchisee, he and his partner have since amassed over 32 million dollars in buy and hold properties while continuing their full operation of wholesale, fix and flip, and many other symbiotic businesses. Pace is on a mission to over deliver on value, showing others that anyone can start in real estate, be successful, and change their lives and their families’ lives for generations. 

About Wealth Without Cash

Want to close MORE deals in LESS time for LESS money?

For the first time ever, Pace Morby has compiled everything you need to know to build your real estate portfolio and become a millionaire investor without utilizing your own capital–all within a single book!

From subject-to, to seller finance, and more, these proven creative finance strategies allowed author Pace Morby to acquire more than 1,000 properties and $150 million in assets without using his own cash.

Whether you’re just getting started as an investor or already have a real estate business, Wealth without Cash will fully prepare you to find off-market leads, uncover sellers’ motivations, negotiate with confidence, close more deals, build a team, and much more.





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    Time Stamp:

        • 08:12 – Johnny’s LA House Flip
        • 12:26 – Pace Morby Interview Begins
        • 18:25 – Why You Should Look for “Expired Listings”
        • 30:32 – Why You Can Make Way More From Sober Living
        • 34:31 – Types of Creative Financing
        • 53:00 – Johnny & Derek’s Thoughts on Pace’s Strategy & Show

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