270: Q1 2023 Update with Sam & Johnny


It’s quarterly update time and Sam & Johnny are together in the same place for this one! They both record from Thailand and cover all things in their recent travels. The guys cover value in Thailand, Japan, business vs economy flights, credit card points, and more. Sam & Johnny both discuss their plans for the upcoming quarter and where they plan on living. In the Patreon only section, they cover what they invested in this quarter and where they are keeping their cash to earn some interest. That section is only available to Invest Like a Boss Patreon members and can be instantly accessed along with hundreds of other member only posts for just $5/month at Patreon.com/InvestLikeaBoss.




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    Time Stamp:

    • 01:44 – Where Sam and Johnny are Located
    • 09:23 – Bali vs. Thailand Life
    • 11:27 – Sam Loves Japan and Why
    • 19:13 – Why Price of Business Class Isn’t Worth It
    • 25:05 – Why Living Frugally is Important Even When You Have Money

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