269: Jade Warshaw on Paying Off $460K in Debt & Working Alongside Dave Ramsey


Dave Ramsey’s newest on-air personality hire Jade Warshaw is our guest on this episode. Derek will talk to her about how she was able to pay off $460K in debt using the Ramsey method while working in music, doing side hustles and practicing life hacks. Jade also gets into what it’s like working alongside Dave Ramsey on their show – which is a consistent Top 20 Podcast in the U.S. Johnny & Derek round it out about their thoughts on the Ramsey plan and how they may disagree with certain aspects of it. The guys also get into some of the crazy side hustles they had while trying to pay off their own debt.

About Jade Warshaw:

At Ramsey Solutions, Jade Warshaw serves as a debt elimination expert, financial coach and co-host of The Ramsey Show. Jade has a professional background in entertainment and has performed in over 92 countries worldwide. She has appeared on Fox News and Cheddar News and been featured in Fortune magazine. Since paying off over $460,000 in debt with her husband, Sam, Jade has been helping others achieve financial peace. As a co-host of The Ramsey Show, the second-largest talk radio show in America, Jade helps people pay off debt by teaching them to shift their mindset and actions around money.




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    Time Stamp:

              • 05:50 – Derek & Johnny’s Thoughts on the Ramsey Plan
              • 14:28 – Interview with Jade Begins
              • 26:00 – Jade’s Side Hustles to Pay Off Debt
              • 35:09 – What Jade Adds to the Ramsey Lineup
              • 49:20 – Derek & Johnny’s Side Hustles to Pay Debt

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