268: Russians Driving Up Real Estate in Bali & Thailand


Johnny & Sam are in the same country for the first time in nearly 2 years! They both find themselves in Thailand, but things have changed drastically since the last time they were there. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine happened in February 2022, Russians have been fleeing in droves. Top on their list of destinations has been Bali & Thailand. We invite a Bali Airbnb company to give us their expert opinion on what’s going on their with the villa rentals. And then Johnny & Sam discuss what they’re seeing in Thailand and how it’s effecting the real estate market and overall culture.




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Time Stamp:

      • 04:33 – Interview Begins
      • 09:48 – Who’s Going to Bali?
      • 20:48 – Johnny & Sam Circle Back
      • 35:07 – Issues with Foreigners Buying Thai Real Estate
      • 39:28 – Russians Influence on Thai Culture

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