267: Space Tourism via Balloon with Zero 2 Infinity CEO José Mariano López Urdiales


In this episode, Derek interviews Zero 2 Infinity Fouder & CEO José Mariano López Urdiales on a unique take on the space trousim industry. Instead of rockets, Zero 2 Infinity is using balloon technology to (hopefully soon) fly humans into space on a more comfortable, leisurely alternative to the rocket. Zero 2 Infinity also has a satellite delivery business that José explains and lays out the investment opportunities. Sam Marks jumps on the intro and outro to tell us where he’s been traveling all through Asia, and tell why he is excited for this space technology… but won’t be a passenger himself.

About José & Zero 2 Infinity:

Jose Mariano López is the founder and CEO of Zero 2 Infinity, the most active player in Europe in Near Space flights with over 50 successful missions. Jose Mariano is an engineer and a pioneer in NewSpace, whose vision is to make access to Space affordable and sustainable. His seminal work has sparked a renaissance of high-altitude ballooning with applications ranging from telecommunications to Space Tourism. He is a graduate of MIT in Aeronautics and Astronautics and holds 2 patents.




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Time Stamp:

  • 03:04 – Where Sam’s Been Traveling To in Asia
  • 09:18 – Interview with José Begins
  • 13:32 – What Phase of Space Flight We’re Currently In
  • 18:14 – What The Balloon Looks Like
  • 39:40 – How Much Are Tickets?
  • 01:05:26 – Sam & Derek Outro

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