266: Navigating the New & Used Car Market


In this episode, Johnny & Derek discuss one of their favorite subjects – cars! Your vehicle is often the second biggest asset you’ll purchase behind your home, so it’s important to get what fits your needs best at a great price. They’ll discuss the benefits of buying new vs. used, what options are worth paying for, along with some of their favorite cars on the market now. Derek goes over what new car he just bought, how to negotiate with the dealer and get the best deal if you need to finance. Lastly, just for fun, the guys build and price out a new Porsche for Johnny online and see how much more he would have to pay to get something comparable to his used one.




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Time Stamp:

  • 01:26 – Today’s Car Market for Buyers
  • 08:40 – How Derek Was Able to Rent a Car for 5 Years
  • 18:00 – Buying New vs Used
  • 31:20 – What Derek Bought
  • 39:45 – Building Johnny’s Porsche Online

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