264: Johnny’s Worst Real Estate Investment


Johnny and Derek sit down for a special one on one episode to discuss Johnny returning to his investment property in Kharkiv, Ukraine. This was his first time back at the property since the war between Russia & Ukraine broke out almost exactly a year earlier. At the time, Johnny’s Kharkiv condo seemed like a cash flow dream situation, which thanks to Russia, turned out to be too good to be true. Find out what Johnny found when he arrived and how much he’s lost on this investment so far.




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Time Stamp:

        • 01:47 – Update from Kyiv
        • 07:33 – Why Johnny Chose to Invest in Kharkiv
        • 11:26 – The 1% Real Estate Rule
        • 17:38 – Airbnb Fees
        • 22:38 – How Johnny Got Back to Kharkiv
        • 27:30 – State of Johnny’s Condo When He Arrive
        • 36:30 – Total Costs So Far and What Revenue Johnny Was Able to Collect

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