263: Daffy CEO Adam Nash on State of Silicon Valley & Charitable Giving with Donor Advised Funds


Sam and Derek partner up on this interview with a man who has been involved in hundreds of Silcon Valley startups as well as working for some of the largest tech companies over the last 30+ years. Daffy Co-Founder/CEO Adam Nash joins the show to talk the current state of technology and funding, and his move to non-profits and charitable giving through his new Donor Advised Fund platform Daffy. Sam and Derek share some stories on their experiences with giving and also have some fun, although embarrassing, stories to share with the audience on how we got this interview to work.

About Adam Nash: 

Adam Nash is the co-founder and CEO of Daffy.org, a not-for-profit community built around a new, modern platform for giving. Adam is a seasoned executive, investor, and advisor. Adam currently sits on the Board of Directors for Acorns, the country’s fastest-growing financial wellness system, and Shift Technologies. Adam also teaches the “Personal Finance for Engineers” course at Stanford and was previously president and CEO at Wealthfront.

About Daffy: 
Daffy is the Donor-Advised Fund for YouTM, a not-for-profit community built around a new, modern platform for giving, one built around the commitment to give, not the amount you give. It empowers people to be more generous, more often through a seamless mobile experience that helps members set money aside, watch it grow tax-free, and donate to more than 1.5 million charities. Started by technology veterans and backed by Ribbit Capital, XYZ Ventures, and Coinbase Ventures as well as prominent individual investors, Daffy provides a number of
member-focused features that make giving an easy habit to keep. To give with Daffy, visit daffy.org or search “Daffy” in the App Store.




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Time Stamp:

      • 04:36 – Adam Nash’s Resume
      • 08:17 – Zoom Issues – Why We Shared the Interview
      • 14:17 – Adam Nash Interview Starts
      • 42:39 – How Daffy Works
      • 53:00 – Tax Savings Benefits of Donor Advised Funds
      • 1:10:51 – Sam & Derek Outro – their DAF Experience

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