261: Impact of ChatGPT & Generative Artificial Intelligence


ChatGPT has taken over the conversations of the internet and (literally) writing millions of new conversations utilizing generative AI technology. We bring back guest Tom Taulli (last on ILAB 163) to break down the basics of ChatGPT technology, the company that created it and how we may be able to invest int he future of Artificial Intelligence. Sam and Derek then go through their experiments with using ChatGPT and its potential world changing impact on technology as we know it. 

About Tom Taulli: 

Tom Taulli is an advisor/board member to startups and the author of Artificial Intelligence Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction and The Robotic Process Automation Handbook: A Guide to Implementing RPA Systems. He also writes for various publications like Forbes.com, Kiplinger and Barron’s. Besides his writings, Tom has founded several high-tech companies. They include WebIPO, BizEquity and Hypermart.net, which was sold to InfoSpace.




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Time Stamp:

        • 01:41 – Sam & Derek Catch Up
        • 07:56 – Tom Taulli Interview Starts
        • 22:45 – Elon Musk’s Involvement
        • 30:15 – AI Investment Ideas
        • 48:30 – Sam & Derek’s Experiments with ChatGPT
        • 60:00 – OpenAI Taking on Google

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