260: Creating a New Sport with OmegaBall Founder Anthony Dittmann


OmegaBall Founder Anthony Dittmann sits down with Derek Spartz to discuss what it takes to create a whole new sport, how to market and monetize it and how they’re raising capital. Sam and Derek catch up and discuss their experiences at an OmegaBall event as well as what potential they see in this very early investment opportunity in the sports industry. 

About Anthony Dittmann: 

Anthony Dittmann began his career working for the San Diego Chargers until 1998.  After the NFL, he worked for ESPN in several capacities; all involving the design, construction and management of ESPN-owned events including the ESPY Awards and culminating as the Director of Operations as well as Event Director for X Games in Los Angeles, Barcelona, Aspen and Tignes, France. Since the X Games, Dittmann has produced events for NBC Sports and The Enthusiast Network before ultimately starting Kilowatt Events with several colleagues.  Kilowatt specializes in designing and executing major events in music, sports and entertainment that are typically televised.  Major clients include ESPN, NetJets, C3 Presents, Pepsi, The LA Times and the NFL.  

In 2018, Dittmann patented (with his colleague Rafael Munaro), a foldable (to 2” wide) dual stream event recycle/trash bin that is poised to rid the industry of the ubiquitous, but ineffective cardboard event trash can. Cerobins have since been bought by major events and facilities including Sofi Stadium and Climate Pledge Arena.

In 2020, Anthony invented a new sport called OmegaBall.  Reimagining and revolutionizing the game of soccer with three teams, three goals, no offsides, and no throw-ins (cornerkicks only) in a circular field. All packed into a one-hour match in a field that is half the size of a traditional soccer field.  Headquartered in San Diego, OmegaBall has already appeared on the Fox and ESPN networks with semi-professional players on the pitch.  OmegaBall is also expanding into competitive youth and recreational opportunities through a new partnership with USSSA.  OmegaBall is….  Chaos on the Pitch!

Anthony also spent several years as an adjunct professor in the sport business graduate program at California State University, Long Beach and the University of San Francisco.  He is also a helicopter pilot.

DISCLOSURE: Sam Marks is related to Anthony Dittmann and, as of this episode’s release, has not invested any capital into OmegaBall. 




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Time Stamp:

      • 03:06 – About OmegaBall and our guest
      • 06:33 – Anthony Dittmann Interview Starts
      • 10:20 – Basics of OmegaBall Rules
      • 19:25 – Derek’s Attendance at an OmegaBall Event
      • 32:28 – Wagering on OmegaBall
      • 34:50 – How to Invest in OmegaBall
      • 37:10 – Sam & Derek’s Thoughts on OmegaBall

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