259: Dave Zook “The Real Asset Investor”


Johnny and Derek kick off the episode with New Year’s updates, including a scary moment for Johnny in Kyiv. Then Johnny interviews “The Real Asset Investor” Dave Zook on his various funds and their structures for self-storage, car washes & ATMs. Dave lays out how to invest, who can invest and how to get your federal tax rate into the single digits! Then Johnny & Derek follow up on their thoughts into Dave’s investing philosophy and provide an exciting new feature for ILAB Patreons. 

About Dave Zook: 

Dave is a successful Business owner, Syndicator and an Investment and Tax Strategist.

Dave and his team at The Real Asset Investor have placed more than $800M across various asset classes which offer Cash Flow, Tax Impact and Equity Growth for investors. These asset classes include ATMs, Car Washes, Energy, Self-Storage and more.

He and his team are one of the Top 5 ATM Fund Operators in the country.

Dave was an early investor in Bitcoin and Digital Assets, and he holds an advisory role at Off the Chain Capital, one of the top performing funds in the world for the last 5 years.

Dave is a sought-after speaker and has shared his knowledge across various media platforms such as The International Business Conference, The Real Estate Guys Radio Show, Cashflow Ninja and others.

Dave and his wife Susan along with their 4 children live in Lancaster, PA.




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Time Stamp:

    • 02:00 – Rockets over Kyiv
    • 07:55 – About Dave Zook
    • 11:10 – Dave Zook Interview Starts
    • 22:35 – How Dave Pays Nearly Zero Tax
    • 40:15 – Johnny & Derek’s Thoughts on Investing with Dave 

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