262: Closed End Funds (CEFs) & Lucrative Invester Newsletters with Michael Foster


Sam and Johnny kick off the episode talking Sam’s trip to Andorra and revisiting the past appearances of our guest this week, Michael Foster. Michael has appeared twice before on ILAB in episodes 63 (Listen Here) and 68 (Listen Here) both back in 2017. Sam then interviews Michael Foster on both the advantages of Closed End Funds (CEFs) and how much money one can really earn from having an investment newsletter subscription. Sam learns he may have been investing with his CEFs in a less effective way as Michael explains his strategy. Johnny & Sam circle back and discuss their investing philosophies for 2023 after a rough last year and if CEFs fit into them. 

About Michael Foster: 

Michael Foster is the Lead Research Analyst for Contrarian Outlook, where he writes CEF Insider. He has written on high-income assets, dividends, closed-end funds and exchange-traded funds for a number of publications including Forbes, Bankrate and SeekingAlpha. Michael finished his PhD in 2008 and has been advising investors since 2011.




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Time Stamp:

      • 01:30 – Sam’s Trip to Andorra
      • 04:50 – Why we Brought Michael Back on the Show
      • 11:15 – Michael Foster Interview Starts
      • 22:40 – Why Do You Need to Write a Newsletter if You’re a Good Investor?
      • 35:20 – Michael’s Buy & Sell Strategy for CEFs
      • 43:25 – How Much Money Can You Make on a Newsletter?
      • 59:58 – Would Johnny Invest in CEFs and will Sam Buy More? 

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