255: Inflation Rate – Is it Accurate?


Johnny and Derek do a one-on-one episode to talk about the effects of inflation across the World. Although media outlets may make it seem like inflation is solely an American issue, it is something that affects every country. Johnny and Derek will go over their next travel plans and what they are seeing in each of their respective locations as far as inflation is concerned. Johnny also gives advice on some hacks to fight inflation that anyone can use to their advantage.


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Time Stamp:

  • 04:50 – Why is it that Spending US in other countries an inflation hack?
  • 14:13 – Is it better to exchange currency in the US or in the country you are traveling to?
  • 16:09 – Which countries have the lowest and highest inflations?
  • 19:10 – How does the US compare to the rest of world with inflation?
  • 25:44 – Has Derek felt the effect of inflation?
  • 32:30 – How is the inflation rate calculated?
  • 34:55 – Do you think Gas and electricity is high or low now in the US?
  • 39:07 – Has the cost of some electronics reduced?
  • 45:06 – How has the cost of clothing and apparel changed?
  • 47:20 – What about real estate and how has inflation had an effect?
  • 52:40 – How has inflation affected purchase of new and old cars?

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