253: Cost of Living Expenses in U.S. vs. Abroad


Johnny & Derek sit down for a one on one episode to compare their respective cost of living expenses. Johnny has utilized location arbitrage by living in cheaper countries outside the U.S. while Derek lives in one of the most expensive cities in the U.S., Los Angeles. They’ll break it down by category and find out who is getting the better deal in each. Johnny also gives helpful tips for those considering relocating from the U.S.


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Time Stamp:

  • 07:18 – Where did you start Johnny and where have you been living the last 10 years?
  • 09:05 – Are there any cities out there that are surprisingly quite cheap to live in?
  • 15:41 – First let’s talk about housing?
  • 19:32 – What about how the cost of utilities varies?
  • 24:55 – How much do you think air bnb’s cost in california? And how does it compare to other countries?
  • 28:33 – How does insurance vary from country to country?
  • 31:05 – Johnny and Derek compare their monthly grocery bills
  • 37:15 – What’s the average price of having a night out for drinks?
  • 44:29 – What’s the “Big Mac” Index?
  • 50:55 – How does Health insurance compare?
  • 58:57 – Transportation costs between owning a car and public transit?
  • 24:18 – Has it only recently become popular with your clients?
  • 30:48 – What do you think the interest rate will be in October 2023?
  • 32:16 – How do your clients feel about the stock market currently?

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