250: Social Investing with Stocktwits CEO Rishi Khanna


Derek interviews Stocktwits CEO Rishi Khanna to talk about social investing, how Stocktwits can help you invest smarter and how they are evolving. Then Derek and Johnny catch up with their travels and Johnny has an update on his status to get back into Ukraine.

Rishi Khanna is the CEO of Stocktwits, the original social platform for individual investors and traders with 6M registered members. Before Stocktwits, Rishi was Managing Director at SS&C GlobeOp at SS&C Technologies Holdings Inc, where he had overall responsibility for sales, product, operations and strategic direction of a number of businesses serving the alternative assets industry. In 2007, Rishi co-founded and served as President of Novus, a global portfolio intelligence platform company that invented the art of portfolio intelligence, solving unique data and analytics challenges facing capital allocators and fund managers across liquid and illiquid investments. Prior to co-founding Novus, Rishi was responsible for the development of the technology and product platforms for Gerson Lehrman Group. Rishi holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Cornell University.


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Time Stamp:

  • 14:25 – Can you give us the origins of Stocktwits?
  • 16:18 – Lets talk about the “cashtag”
  • 18:13 – What is your background and how did you get to Stocktwits?
  • 22:10 – How have you seen the landscape change since starting at the beginning of the pandemic?
  • 26:32 – How many registered users do you have and what is the activity like?
  • 30:35 – What kind of data can you research on Stocktwits and does it help an individual investor?
  • 36:02 – What reactions were you seeing on Stocktwits when the market activity was high?
  • 37:58 – Do you have a team looking for fraudulent trades?
  • 41:11 – Patreon: Is there a way to reward users who are doing well?
  • 42:32 – Patreon: Do you have performance tracking and what makes you different from other similar apps?
  • 45:25 – Fun closing questions, who do you follow, any cool stories, any celebrities you have worked with?
  • 49:32 – Where do you see Stocktwits in about 5 years?

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