242: Primal Virtues of the Modern Man with Jonathan Rios


Sam interviews author and psychotherapist Jonathan Rios on his book Primal Virtues of the Modern Man. They talk about issues with today’s men and what they can do to get back to their ‘primal’ nature and balance their lives better. Sam and Derek catch up on the show and talk about how this applies to their lives currently and what they are doing themselves to get back to their own primal virtues.

Jonathan Rios is an athlete turned mental coach and licensed psychotherapist who is deeply committed to remaining undomesticated. He works extensively with addicts, performers, veterans, stay at home mothers, business professionals, and spiritual seekers. He is a military academy graduate and former division 1 athlete with a deep appreciation for the warrior ethos. He currently lives in Jupiter Florida with his wife and four daughters.


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Time Stamp:

  • 11:30 – Tell us about your recent retreat in Wyoming?
  • 13:38 – How did you get into psychotherapy ?
  • 16:30 – Describe your approach and how you arrived at this unique style?
  • 22:19 – Can you expand on the word, “Decadence”, you used in the book?
  • 28:04 – What was the motivation for writing this book and the “3 needs of men”?
  • 41:40 – Let’s talk about what “Love” means?
  • 45:44 – What are some other projects you are working on?

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