235: Composer’s Quantitative Strategy Tool Let’s You Invest Like Hedge Funds


Johnny interviews Composer CEO & Co-Founder Ben Rollert on this episode to talk quantitative strategies. If you aren’t familiar with quants, they’ve been used by hedge funds for decades to determine trades and were only available to those with advanced mathematics degrees until now. Composer has created an easy to use tool featuring hundreds of pre-determined strategies aka “symphonies” like following your favorite billionaire investor, buying dips in sectors, hedging inflation and so much more. After the interview, Johnny and Derek go through some of the various pre-determined “symphonies” and which ones they’d execute in their own portfolios.

Ben Rollert has over a decade of experience in product and data science leadership roles. He was previously VP of Product and Data Science at Breather, a work space as a service company. Ben has been an active trader and investor since he was a teenager, and founded Composer in response to his own frustration with the difficulty of implementing automated trading strategies. Today, he serves as CEO of Composer, the premiere no-code platform for building and investing in algorithmic investing strategies. Composer has raised funding from First Round Capital, Alumni Ventures and Packy McCormick’s Not Boring Fund.

Composer is the next generation of active investing. Invest in a portfolio of rules-based strategies. Or build your own. No code, no spreadsheets, no manual investing. Let algorithms execute trades for you. Choose from our growing collection of ready-made strategies. Explore momentum, paired switching, and other hedge fund-like styles. Open up a strategy to view its performance and live holdings. See how it works in both visual form and in plain language. Use the strategies as is or edit as you wish. You can also use a no-code visual editor to create and modify strategies.


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  • 07:55 – How do you explain to someone what Composer is?
  • 08:53 – Was this possible 10 years ago?
  • 12:04 – How does Composer compare to index funds?
  • 16:42 – How does “buy the dips” work?
  • 18:03 – How does the “risk on/off leverage S&P500” work?
  • 21:53 – Are any features you find stand out more than the others?
  • 24:35 – What are the biggest benefits of Composer?
  • 32:11 – Who can invest, and what is the minimum to start investing?
  • 34:18 – What fees are associated with composer?
  • 37:06 – Derek and Johnny review

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