231: Investing in Luxury Watches with European Watch Company’s Joshua Ganjei


Derek interviews European Watch Company representative Joshua Ganjei about the explosion of interest in trading and investing in luxury watches. Joshua breaks down watch culture, what the market looks like, what brands/models are hot and which watches are the most sought after today. Then Derek and Johnny share their experiences with high end watches and how they’re looking to get in on this opportunity. 

Established in 1993, European Watch Company is one of the premier watch dealers in the world. This family business strives to treat you like family. European Watch Company offers seamless and trusted watch buying, selling and trading services globally. The 5- Star reputation, and the curated selection of the finest timepieces in the world is what sets this business apart. The in stock inventory listed on the website is always up to date, and is ready to be shipped globally to your door. Download the iOS app from the App Store to see a continuously updated inventory of the finest watches in the world.


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Johnny’s new ‘luxury’ watch mentioned in the episode

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Time Stamp:

  • 10:23 – How did you get involved in the business?
  • 16:33 – Can you tell us more about your business?
  • 18:33 – Is your business mainly local or international?
  • 21:05 – How has the interest in the industry increased over time?
  • 27:35 – What is the average type of collector?
  • 31:10 – Do you have a suggestion for a “starter” watch for a collector?
  • 35:51 – Are the collectors more interested in the older models or the newer models?
  • 39:34 – Are watch companies doing collaborations?
  • 42:16 – How do you ensure authenticity?
  • 45:05 – Any recommendations for keeping the quality of the watch?
  • 47:30 – Is there a way to buy one at a retail place?
  • 49:05 – Patreon Question: How much for a Rolex day date?
  • 51:07 – Patreon Question: How has smart watches affected traditional watches
  • 53:00 – Patreon Question: What’s the best way to appraise a watch?
  • 54:10 – Patreon Question: How much higher can the Rolex Royal Oaks keep going?
  • 55:42 – Patreon Question: What are your thoughts on a non-swiss brand?
  • 57:33 – What are your favorite watches in your collection?
  • 63:17 – Derek and Johnny review

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