225: Q1 2022 Quarterly Update with Sam & Johnny


Johnny and Sam recap the most tumultuous quarter in ILAB history. Everything from escaping the war in Ukraine and leaving the fate of his properties behind, to then going to Hungary, Greece and now Poland for Johnny. During this time, Sam left Spain and decided to start a motorcycle trip around Thailand. And that’s just the lifestyle update for the audio podcast portion! If you’d like the full episode with portfolio breakdowns and the announcement of major changes to ILAB coming soon, you have to be a Patreon. You can sign up now to instantly access for as low as $5/month HERE.


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Time Stamp:

  • 05:25 – How has Johnny been handling the war in Ukraine?
  • 19:16 – Johnny talks about this tiny winery?
  • 23:18 – How do you feel, Sam, about owning multiple properties around the world?
  • 25:54 – Johnny and Sam talk about being American and preferring to live outside of the US
  • 32:45 – Sam talks about a fundraiser for Ukraine he was involved in?

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