216: How to Examine Charitable Organizations with Child’s Dream Foundation’s Marc Jenni


Sam interview’s Child’s Dream Foundation’s Co-Founder and Managing Director Marc Thomas Janni on how to properly vet out charities you’re thinking of donating to. Sam and Johnny have both worked with Child’s Dream in the past and they have seen their accomplishments first hand. Marc explains what to look out for when considering an NGO (Non-governmental organization) to donate to and speaks of the work Child’s Dream has accomplished so far. Sam and Johnny circle back to reveal who they’ve been donating to and by what means it is done. The guys also explain the other benefits they’ve experienced with charitable giving,touch on some mistakes to avoid, and share experiences they’ve had in Thailand. 

Marc Thomas Jenni is a Co-Founder and Managing Director Operations of Child’s Dream Foundation. Marc serves in various boards of the Child’s Dream charity family and chairs the board of the Thai foundation. He is responsible for the overall strategy of the organisation as well as for fundraising, legal, marketing, HR, compensation, audit and general operation. With a budget of over US$ 10 million, Child’s Dream, with its over 55 colleagues, has implemented or runs over 800 charitable projects and programmes in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, called the Mekong Sub-Region. 

Marc’s motivation to co-found Child’s Dream stems from his experiences in working, living and traveling in Asia for many years. While working in Hong Kong and Singapore as a private banker, Marc had the privilege to meet many wealthy individuals who helped the less fortunate by making donations and volunteering in various charity projects in the region. This inspired him to do his part in making a difference for the underprivileged in society.

After nearly 20 years with UBS, Marc left the bank in 2003 to set up Child’s Dream Foundation together with Daniel Siegfried. Marc is a ‘Swiss Certified Banker’ and an alumni of the Executive Program of the Swiss Finance Institute (formerly Swiss Banking School, Zurich) as well as the ‘High Performance Boards’ Program of the IMD Business School in Lausanne.


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Time Stamp:

  • 10:38 – How did Child’s Dream get started?
  • 14:06 – How has Child’s Dream mission evolved?
  • 19:14 – Where do you see the majority of human trafficking?
  • 21:48 – Where is the operation focused in regards to education?
  • 24:17 – How many schools have you built since you got started?
  • 28:14 – Do you think charitable organizations are efficiently run?
  • 36:38 – How do you know the money you are giving is going to a good cause?
  • 42:30 – Is there a way to measure the NGO as a way to rate their efficiency?
  • 45:18 – Are these ratings audited and therefore reliable?
  • 47:50 – Do you know of any organizations which do great work in the area?
  • 50:02 – Do you get donor support from corporate and/or governments?
  • 53:35 – Sam and Johnny Review

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