214: Fine Wine Investing with OENO Group


Sam takes a deeper dive into the world of fine wine with London’s OENO Group to discuss their approach to getting involved in the sector. OENO offers a new approach that we have yet to see in the wine space, only drawing commissions off profits with no management fees! Sam and Derek do a quick catchup on how their new year has started so far and share why they may not be starting so great. Then Sam interviews Chief Portfolio Manager Sid McNamara-Rajeswaran & Head of Europe Ashley Ling from OENO Group. Sam and Derek circle back to talk more about wine, what Sam currently invests in for wine, and what they think of OENO’s business model. Learn more about investing now HERE.

OENO, from Ancient Greek οἶνος (oinos “wine”)

Our award-winning, luxury wine company was born out of our founders’ and owners’ passion for and knowledge of the world’s most profound wine estates. Our focus is on those unique wineries that are the best-of-the-best, giving wine collectors, on-trade businesses and winelovers alike access to the world’s most sought-after and exciting new wines.

The OENO wine team is responsible for sourcing and supplying our portfolio of wines to trade and private consumers. Our unique breadth and depth of contacts across the wine world gives us insider access to many of the world’s most exciting up-and-coming wineries as well as the classics with our team having native knowledge of France, Italy, Australia, Spain, Greece and South Africa.

The wine team is headed by Justin Knock MW, former UK Director of The California Wine Institute and brand ambassador for Penfolds.


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Time Stamp:

  • 13:33 – Can you provide a background on yourselves?
  • 19:05 – Why is wine an interesting investment opportunity?
  • 22:25 – What is the difference between OENO Trade and OENO Future?
  • 28:52 – How do you prevent fraud and control procurement?
  • 34:57 – Do you purchase older vintages directly from the vineyard?
  • 36:51 – What regions do you focus on when purchasing?
  • 44:04 – Can you talk about how much wine you have purchased and assets you have under management?
  • 45:28 – Can you elaborate on OENO House?
  • 52:23 – What are the fees associated with OENO?
  • 61:35 – Sam and Derek Review

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