203: Venture Capital Fund Access for All with Sweater Ventures CEO Jesse Randall


CEO and Co-Founder Jesse Randall is a fintech startup executive and venture capitalist helping to usher in the new era of generational wealth creation for everyday people. His roots in small farm life in rural America as part of a very large family gave him a unique foundational work ethic and view of the world. He has come to understand that he would rather imagine the world as it can become rather than settle for the shortcomings that surround us everywhere. Anything is possible with the right mindset, people, and resources at hand. Outside of work, he enjoys endurance sports such as Ironman races, cycling, and marathons, and wouldn’t trade his life with his sweetheart and five children for any amount of treasure.

Sweater is hell-bent on leveling the playing field and reinventing venture capital to reach its maximum potential. That starts by creating a venture capital fund that anyone can invest in.

Sweater’s vision is to pool money from millions of regular people into a world-class venture fund, wisely deploying that capital into startups that shape the world we live in.

Every founder should be able to build their vision, and every person should be able to support the startups that create the next generation of influence and wealth.


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Time Stamps:

  • 10:30 – What is Sweater?
  • 13:09 – What experience do you get by investing in the fund?
  • 15:01 – How does Sweater differ from their competitors?
  • 19:26 – Is there a limit to the amount of investors you can bring in?
  • 20:19 – Are there any differences in benefits to an accredited investor?
  • 23:02 – Do investors need to be US citizens?
  • 24:06 – What is the investment minimum and what are the fees associated with the investment?
  • 26:14 – Your initial fund will have no carry fees, correct?
    “Yes that is correct. Sweater charges a flat 2% management fee attached to the value of the fund, much like the flat fee you have on your mutual fund. Plus there are administrative costs like legal, auditing, marketing, etc.” 
  • 29:45 – What kind of companies are you looking to target?
  • 33:57 – Are there any other particular sectors beyond tech that interest you?
  • 39:21 – How do you decide on what companies Sweater invests in?
  • 43:29 – How are the investments structured?
  • 45:13 – Do you have companies on the radar already?
  • 47:47 – How long should investors anticipate waiting to see a meaningful return considering you are a new company?
  • 50:58 – What is the Sweater scout network?
  • 52:50 – Can someone reach out to Sweater if they are looking for venture funding for their company?
  • 54:08 – What to expect when you sign up?
  • 56:54 – Sam and Derek review

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