180: Teenage Investing with 18-Year-Old Jack Rosenthal


Jack Rosenthal is an 18 year old entrepreneur and investor. He’s the author of “Teen Investing” which has become the #2 best selling book on teenage investing. He’s also the founder of the Young Investors Club, LLC the largest teen investing club in the country with $120,000 in assets. Lastly, he maintains his own investment portfolio. 


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Time Stamps:

  • 09:50 – What age did you start investing and what inspired you to get involved?
  • 10:47 – What kinda stocks did you get started in?
  • 13:00 – Do you have advice for how families can get their children involved in stocks?
  • 13:39 – How do you determine how much you are willing to invest?
  • 15:15 – What drove you to share your story and encourage other teenagers to get involved?
  • 16:48 – How to start investing with your club?
  • 18:16 – Where are your members based?
  • 18:30 – How are the decisions made on what to invest in?
  • 19:05 – How are the assets held and how do distributions work?
  • 20:49 – What have been the biggest wins and losses for the club?
  • 21:55 – What would be the first thing to do as a teenager to get into investing? 
  • 23:39 – What kind of assets will you suggest to be involved in?
  • 25:16 – What do you recommend on breakdown when allocating your investment portfolio?
  • 26:29 – What are good summer/part time jobs which can help you get start up income?
  • 28:40  – Did they teach you about finances in school?
  • 31:18  – Tell us more about your book?
  • 33:32  – Did you spend money on something crazy with your return?
  • 35:13  – Johnny and Derek review

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