178: RAD Diversified REIT President/CEO Dutch Mendenhall


Dutch Mendenhall is a loving father and husband. He currently runs 3 real estate investment funds. He creates positive returns every year for his investors. Dutch is a gifted visionary who has very different beliefs than the average fund manager/leader. He has made his investors millions of dollars and in real estate circles is thought of as a step ahead, a step above, and a step beyond what others are doing. 

He believes in taking care of people first: investors, the team of people that drive the funds, vendors, contractors, tenants, and many more. The constant is “Creating Consistent Goodwill for the Business.” 

His decade of experience of investing is coupled with a decade of consulting real estate companies. Dutch’s experience includes residential, commercial-assets, low- income housing, luxury-housing, assisted-living, self-storage and apartments. 

RAD Diversified has developed a proven, reliable system for investing in residential & multi-family properties in key real estate markets across the U.S. They offer investment partners the opportunity to invest in cash-flowing properties with substantial value-add opportunities.

RAD Diversified Specializing in Tax Lien & Tax Deed Investing, RAD Diversified made a 36.7% annualized return in 2020 and has cleared 33.514% in the past 12 months. RAD Diversified also safeguards your investment by offering a 5% bottom-line guarantee.

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Time Stamps:

  • 03:57 – How did you get into real estate investing?
  • 09:15 – How has the industry changed during the Covid-19 pandemic and how have you adapted?
  • 12:13 – What is the advantage of being versed in real estate?
  • 17:23 – What are the advantages of a tax property sale?
  • 21:47 – Do you need to be an accredited investor to invest with you?
  • 23:21 – Do you have international investors as well?
  • 25:32 – What is the minimum investment to get started and how are payouts done?
  • 29:55 – Is there a fixed investment term or any fees for terminating early?
  • 32:04 – Does the investor choose where they wish to invest in?
  • 33:45 – What happens if the offering is fully funded?
  • 35:12 – Can you explain the Covid-19 amendment?
  • 39:50 – Are there any fees the investors should be aware of?
  • 40:28 – What do you provide as it relates to taxes?
  • 41:26 – How have you had such a profitable time during the covid-19 pandemic?
  • 56:24 – Johnny and Derek review

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