164: Evaluating Doordash’s IPO & Business Model with Mike & Joe Murgio


Mike Murgio returns to the show (Last appearance: ILAB 65 – Bitcoin vs. Stocks, Tesla vs. Ford) along with his brother Joe Murgio to talk with Sam Marks about the upcoming Doordash IPO. They know the ins and outs of the delivery business as Joe is the CEO of DeliverLogic, a software company that services clients in the delivery space. Sam is also an investor in DeliverLogic. Mike Murgio goes over the Series 1 for Doordash’s IPO and Doordash’s overall business model. They’ll discuss whether Doordash looks to be a solid investment and if it’ll skyrocket like Tesla did after Mike correctly predicted on his last appearance.

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Time Stamps:

  • 10:46 – Can you tell us about deliverlogic?
  • 13:56 – Can you discuss the last 6 years of the business from your perspective?
  • 20:40 – How did the market change with the newer delivery options?
  • 25:00 – How has Covid-19 pandemic affected the delivery service industry?
  • 26: 30 – Have you seen more entrepreneurs starting new businesses or has it been independent clients growing their business?
  • 29:10 – How does the business side of door dash work?
  • 30:04 – How do you buy shares in an IPO?
  • 39:24 – How are they going to sell 33 Million shares?
  • 40:51 – How does the price jump between primary and secondary trading?
  • 45:25 – What is your perspective on DoorDash versus Grubhub?
  • 51:53 – Are you going to buy in with DoorDash?
  • 55:40 – Does this IPO excite you?
  • 58:06 – Sam & Derek Recap

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