155: Strip Club Economics – Rori Gordon


Rori Gordon – Founder of Rori Promotions

Rori Gordon attended the School of Hard Knocks. After high school Rori worked in several facilities as a bartender. She learned about operations and management at the various places she was employed. In 1980 Ms. Gordon was offered a position managing the Hollywood Motel. After two years the nightclub located at the Hollywood Motel became available for lease. Ms. Gordon started Rori Promotions. At the same time she signed a lease with the Motel owner for the nightclub space naming it Anvines. Anvines  became an overnight success and remained in operation from 1982 until 1989. In 1988 Rori Gordon decided to enlist the services of Billy Deans Entertainment. She ultimately hired Billy Deans Male Revue every Friday night at Anvines. The following summer Billy Deans “Foxy Boxing” was created with sold out shows for a 16 week booking.

Ms. Gordon was at a crossroad in her career and had to make a decision.  In 1989 she sold her interest in Anvines and became partners in Billy Deans Entertainment. Promoting, touring and booking shows resulted in an unbeatable team. After 5 years of working in clubs all over the world Billy Dean and Rori Gordon wanted to put their feet down in one local location. This prompted the purchase of 1998 Billy Deans Showtime Café. Rori Gordon is the promoter and marketer. For many years she has been the bartender, food preparer for all events at the club and has even swept the floors. There is no task too small for this woman.

Ms. Rori Gordon belongs to the club of the very few female gentlemen’s club owners in the world. She is active in ACE the Association of Club Executives, supports the Center for Constitutional Rights, and enjoys participating in charitable events for Cancer Care. She is a community advocate for rooting out corruption in the Town of Hempstead and Smithtown. She loves everything vintage. Rori collects Roseville Pottery, Vintage Luggage, Hammered Aluminum and Airline Memorabilia. Mid Century Modern is her new kick. Her style is eclectic.

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Time Stamps:

  • 06:48 – Is it rare to be a female Gentlemans Club Owner? 
  • 09:19 – What are the pros and cons of buying a successful club or a club that needs work?
  • 12:54 – Have you tried to calculate the lifetime value of a customer?
  • 15:25 – Describe your clientele as it relates to girls and guys?
  • 16:53 – Which is more profitable a dance club or a gentlemans club?
  • 18:48 – What are your experiences with the strippers?
  • 20:41 – How do the female clubs and male clubs compare?
  • 22:19 – How does your income compare between bar sales and dances?
  • 25:20 – What is the typical work schedule?
  • 28:48 – How do you find a club for sale?
  • 37:21 – Are there other options besides regular dances?
  • 39:48 – What is the usual approach for girls to sell dances?
  • 43:17 – Do club owners discuss strategies and other business?
  • 45:16 – How do you handle pressure from the community?
  • 50:12 – Is there anything you think you would have done differently?
  • 51:23 – Are there any themes or marketing strategies that you use?
  • 56:02 – Sam and Johnny Recap

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