154: Investment Returns for Ski-Country Vacation Rentals – Vacasa’s Shaun Greer


Vacasa (Pronunciation: Vuh-caw-suh)

Shaun Greer serves as VP of Sales and Marketing for Vacasa and is responsible for short-term-rental portfolio growth and real estate sales/compliance. He brings extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and public and private partnerships to his role. 

Shaun has been with Vacasa since 2015 and has held several positions including Senior Director of Real Estate, Director of Corporate Development and Mergers and Acquisitions Manager. When not cultivating relationships within the vacation rental industry or building the Vacasa Real Estate network, he is enjoying time with his family and outdoor activities.


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  • Vacasa
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Time Stamps:

  • 13:44 – How did Vacasa get started? 
  • 16:18 – Do you manage the entire building or just the units?
  • 19:00 – Do you handle all the taxes on behalf of the homeowner?
  • 20:10 – What has been the demand change due to the effect of Covid?
  • 23:22 – What has been the favourite type of destination?
  • 26:35 – Where do you have the most listings?
  • 27:46 – How often do owners use the property?
  • 29:15 – What are the revenues for the various seasons?
  • 32:19 – Do owners do monthly or daily rate rentals?
  • 36:31 – What to expect, investment wise, on the different types of rentals?
  • 42:36 – Are you investigating the ski seasons long term with climate change?
  • 44:04 – What are the top ski markets?
  • 46:30 – Sam and Johnny Recap

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