ILAB 147: Stripper Economics 101 – How Lucrative is Professional Dancing

“This whole industry is not regulated at all”

Lauren Allen


A semi-retired stripper turned Super CEO, this bitch has seen it all.

Sex, Psychedelics, Music Festivals, and an abusive relationship sent this queen on a journey of exploration and self-discovery at 18.

Hella mistakes, alcoholism, and a ballsy jump into the strip club a year later catapulted her to become her very first mindset client.

Her intuitive approach to the hustle, soulful sales strategy, humor, and trauma-informed mindset work makes her a sexy + well-rounded coach whether you’re 9-5 or shakin’ that ass.

You can expect a Sailor Levels of cursing, lots of laughs, brilliant brainstorming, and a business bestie that will hype you up as you bust through your own bullshit.

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ILAB 147 Show Notes

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Time Stamps:

  • 08:46 – Why do you think guys go to strip clubs?
  • 11:34 – How did you get into the industry?
  • 13:41 – What are the different ways to make money in the clubs?
  • 14:55 – Does the house get a cut, or how does it work?
  • 16:52 – “…there is no way of knowing who has what[money]..” – Lauren Allen
  • 19:30 – What cities have you danced in?
  • 21:18 – “This whole industry is not regulated at all” – Lauren Allen
  • 23:15 – Have you ever tried webcamming?
  • 25:16 – What’s the most, and what’s the least you ever made in one night?
  • 29:48 – What are the other side business strippers have?
  • 30:32 – Do you have savings or investments?
  • 34:39 – Do you go through any training to become a dancer?
  • 36:24 – What is the typical lifespan of a stripper?
  • 40:31 – Flip Switch Question: What do you recommend a stripper do with her income? – Lauren Allen
  • 42:43 – Is a breast enhancement a good investment?
  • 44:27 – Have you ever been paid in anything other than money?
  • 45:41 – Do you have a shift schedule?
  • 47:01 – Do you have an idea of how much the strip club owners make?
  • 50:25 – Sam and Johnny Recap
  • 68:42 – Derek’s Recap

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